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Sell and buy on online shopping website developed for Nigeria shoppers. Shop 9ja and Market 9ja merged !. And this means Shop 9ja is your place for free classifieds and selling goods in online auctions. You hear right! Shop9ja is Back! Therefore create your own shop for free! Simply write down to Google and here you are!

enter Real Estate Market 9ja

It doesn't matter if you live in Abuja or Lagos. Start your first free online shop. And sell or shop on Market 9ja every day. We are nigerian shopping center where sellers and buyers meet without restrictions and conditions. Do you want to sell goods at auction or at a fixed price? Post an ad and sell your mobile, TV or car. Do you sell a house? Take advantage of the free property listings. On Market Nigeria you can even sell or rent your property in Lagos or Ibadan or in other nigerian city. It does not matter you live in Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Jos or in other part of Nigeria.

Ta ni ọfẹ lori, aye rẹ fun awọn kilasika ọfẹ tabi ta. Ko ṣe pataki ti o ba gbe ni ilu Abuja tabi Eko. Bẹrẹ itaja itaja ọfẹ ọfẹ akọkọ rẹ. Ati ki o ta tabi nnkan lori m9ja lojoojumọ. A jẹ ile-iṣẹ ohun-ọja nigerian nibiti awọn ti o ntaa ati awọn ti onra n pade laisi awọn ihamọ ati awọn ipo. Ṣe o fẹ lati ta awọn ọja ni titaja tabi ni idiyele ti o wa titi? Fiweranṣẹ si ipolowo kan ki o ta alagbeka rẹ, TV tabi ọkọ ayọkẹlẹ. Ṣe o n ta ile kan? Lo anfani lori Ọja Nigeria. Ko ṣe pataki pe o ngbe ni Eko, Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Jos tabi ni apakan miiran ti Nigeria. Lori Ọja Nigeria o le paapaa ta tabi ya ohun-ini rẹ ni Ilu Eko tabi Ibadan tabi ni ilu ilu Naijeria miiran.

Sayarwa kyauta, kyauta don siyan ko siyarwa. Babu matsala idan kana zaune a cikin Abuja ko Legas. Fara shagon kananka na farko kyauta akan layi. Kuma sayarwa ko siyayya akan m9ja kowace rana. Mu ne cibiyar kasuwancin Najeriya inda masu siyarwa da masu siyarwa ke haɗuwa ba tare da ƙuntatawa da halaye ba. Kuna son sayar da kaya a gwanjo ko a ƙayyadadden farashin? Buga talla kuma ku sayar da wayar tafi da gidanka, talabijin ko motarka. Kuna sayar da gida? Yi Amfani da Kasuwa a Kasuwa ta Najeriya. Ba shi da wata ma'ana a zaune a Legas, Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Jos ko a wani yanki na Najeriya. A Kasuwar Najeriya zaka iya siyarwa ko kuma yin hayar kadarorin ka a Legas ko Ibadan ko kuma a wasu biranen nigerian.

Ree free na, gị ebe maka klas ma ọ bụ ree. Ọ baghị uru ma ọ bụrụ na ibi na Abuja ma ọ bụ Lagos. Bido ụlọ ahịa ịntanetị mbụ na-akwụghị ụgwọ. Rere ma obu ahia ahia m9ja kwa ubochi. Anyị bụ ụlọ ahịa nigerian ebe ndị na-ere ahịa na ndị na-azụ ahịa na-ezukọ n'enweghị mgbochi na ọnọdụ. You chọrọ ire ngwa ahịa na ọrịre ma ọ bụ ọnụego ekwuru? Ziga mgbasa ozi ma ree ekwentị gị, TV ma ọ bụ ụgbọ ala gị. You na ere ụlọ? Jiri ohere dị na Market Nigeria. Onweghị nsogbu na ị bi na Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Abuja, Jos ma ọ bụ n'akụkụ ndị ọzọ nke Nigeria. Na Market Nigeria ị nwere ike ire ma ọ bụ gbazite ụlọ gị na Lagos ma ọ bụ Ibadan ma ọ bụ n'obodo ndị ọzọ dị na Naijirịa.

How to advertise on Market Nigeria website? Online, easy and everything for free !

No commission. Free of charge. Direct contact between people. Quick and secure sign-up with social media Facebook or Google. Or just enter your email, username and password. That is all. We do not collect personal data. The site is designed for both PC and mobile. Just create a shortcut on your desktop and you have the auction site available at all times. You do not have to download the application.

All user must follow the law when selling or buying !!!

When you say I want to sell the car, we are ready to serve. You take a picture and upload it on m9ja web. When you need eshop for free than use our free mall portal. You know you buy and sell and you will buy and sell in Lagos or Abuja. Display your goods and we help you find the buyer or seller. The advantage is the contact information are filtered. You speak directly with the buyer or with the seller when you want only.

No matter you sell or buy, m9ja is ideal place to go and display the goods you want to sell. You have the place where your friends can become buyers of your goods.

We provide free online real estate agency for Nigeria. Upload your property for free. You will not pay the commission from the selling.

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Contact us on facebook page or via contact form in information section.

Top products / product categories for Nigerian online shoppers include services, books and electronics. Offering products from these categories can help you establish yourself on the Nigerian ecommerce market 9ja.

The most important payment methods for digital purchases are cash, debit card and mobile payment. It is important to provide your (potential) customers with the payment methods they prefer. In many cases, online shoppers leave the shopping cart if they can not find their preferred or trusted payment methods at the checkout.

Optimizing the checkout process for your customers can have the biggest impact on your conversion rates. This is also crucial for your international online buyers. Therefore, pay attention to international payment, currency conversion and appropriate shipping methods.

Mobile commerce shapes the future of e-commerce in Nigeria, but also worldwide. Ecommerce sellers should take this into account when setting up their online stores and product lists. Mobile optimization and great mobile shopping experience are a must for any growth-oriented online seller.

To drive Nigerian traffic to your site, local marketing and SEO help you achieve the right results. When you locate your online store for international markets, you allow international search engines to index your content to improve your organic international traffic. You can also use services like Google Shopping and Facebook ads internationally. Nigeria: general information, Selling on the Nigerian ecommerce market is a great option for growth oriented online sellers. If you open your business in other countries, you should consider some useful facts and data.

There are 86,219,965 citizens in Nigeria and Internet penetration is 46.10%. In terms of device usage, there are 28,381,000 smartphone users and the smartphone penetration is 14.80%. Smartphones are increasingly being used worldwide for digital purchases.

The total population of Nigeria is 195,875,237. The average age is 18.5 years. English is spoken in Nigeria and the currency is Naira. The top-level country domain is .ng and the area code is +234.

According to the International Monetary Fund, GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP) is 1,118,756 (in millions of dollars) and nominal GDP is 376,284 (in millions of dollars). Per capita GDP (PPP) is $ 5,927 and per capita GDP (nominal) is $ 1,994. The real GDP growth rate is 0.80%.

Currently, international online retailers have a lot of manual work to do to match product categories, attributes, sizes, and so on. It is not unusual that they are not even sure if they are doing it right. E-commerce sellers who try to locate their online stores themselves find this time-consuming and confusing.

Fortunately, thanks to developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), online retailers do not have to spend a lot of time translating and localizing e-commerce content when opening their businesses overseas.

A simple raw description is enough to pinpoint all content, extract attributes, transform sizes, and map the right category in an accurate, efficient, and consistent manner. It's just a matter of quick setup before your localized stores are introduced to ten markets.

The combination of machine and human brain intelligence is often the easiest and fastest way to get the most out of your sales potential.

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