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Who we are? A meeting place for sellers and buyers. Market without commission and without fees. These sites are limited by the obligation of advertisers to comply with applicable laws, rules and good manners.

Only a registered user can add an item, bid in auctions, or send a message to the seller. You do not have to be a company, even if you can be a company. We set only one restriction. The user can add the usual number of items. We do not allow one user to display dozens of items. These websites focus on the diversity of the offer. We want to achieve this by limiting the number of items per user.

You can register via social networks / Facebook, VK, Twitter, Google /. It's easy, safe and fast. Another option is to enter your e-mail address and password. The registration verification message with the link will be sent to your e-mail address. Confirm registration and you are the registered user. We do not collect, and our goal is not to store data, email addresses or other information about the user.

The website is an ideal place, for example for the exchange activities / children items, collectables/. The sellers activities that are not profit oriented.

Searching for discount coupons ? , read the article.

If you purchase an item, always contact the seller before sendig the payment. This is an important step to avoid fraud. Beware to buy from other countries than Nigeria.

The seller has the option to add the product at a fixed price or place the item at an auction with bidding. All this is free of charge. We assume that the seller and the buyer will communicate with each other. Therefore, the buyer can send an e-mail to the seller. Only registered users can send message. If you are not registered, you do not have the option to send a message to the seller or place the bid on the auction.

The market, where everyone talks to each other and can negotiate the terms of trade.

What does the buyer and the seller have to do? The small merchants, it is necessary to understand that they must take care about all documents by themselves. The item information are deleted 10 days after the end of the auction. We do not take part in the trade, we have no commission. We are simply a "market" where the seller and the buyer meet. This free service can be compared to an advertisement, such as a banner in a business center.

What do we do with e-mail addresses? E-mail addresses are stored in the database. E-mail addresses are not visible on the website. The sender of the message does not see the recipient e-mail address. But the recipient of the message will see who sent the message. So if you receive a message from a user and you do not want to communicate with him, do not reply to the message. Then the sender does not know your email address.

For the seller. If you do not sell the item within 10 days, it may be necessary to lower the price or to improve the description and product information. And try to sell it again next month. If the sale did not take place, but some people asked you questions about the product, it means that your ad was successful and gave you a hint as to what would be the good move to sell the item.

If you suspect that the seller or buyer acts against good morality or violates the law. Please send us a message with a link to the auction. We will delete the auction or ask the seller for clarification.

The automatic restrictions are set in the system that reflects the principles described.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this portal does in no way constitute legal advice. Any person who intends to rely upon or use the information contained herein in any way is solely responsible for independently verifying the information and obtaining independent expert advice if required.

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