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Date: 10.08.2019

Ad classifieds is actually advertising. Paid or Free Classifieds. In this article we will cover not only types of advertising, but also new trends. What is sold on the Internet and what are the pitfalls. Modern sales eshops offer sale through free advertising, which is actually a fixed price for goods. But it also offers the possibility of selling at auction, where the eshop / website will allow the seller to display, describe the goods and determine the minimum and possibly the maximum price it requires. And the buyer either buys the goods at the set maximum price or gradually bid in the auction to get the goods. Eventually, the highest bidder gets the advertised item. Some advertising sites are charged, and some provide free services. There is also the possibility to buy extra services for the lady. Such as highlighting an ad, or moving the ad to the main page, to a higher position in the list.

Because advertising is widespread and has a tradition. Most websites already offer a search engine or a comparator on the first page. And also a clear division of goods into categories. By product or by location where the advertiser lives. This is very needed in case you sell the house, on free property listings

Let's move on without further comments.

Social Advertising, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.

Source: Cyberclick

When implementing a business marketing strategy in a digital environment, one of the people's most common comments is that "social networks don't sell". But that is a long past. To better understand which products are best selling on social networks and how social media marketing contributes to sales, we’ll share with you the results of our latest annual social media study.

The vast majority of people use social networking. The most commonly spoken age range is 16 to 60 years. The social / sales media that dominates are WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It is assumed that Facebook will lose its share to the detriment of Instagram, which continues to grow. Twitter is the network with the highest user exit rate.

Most users follow brands or familiar names, up to 81% of users use social networks. And for 27%, this means that the brand has a sense of trust on social network. After all, a profile means passing on personal information. And it is possible to track the person, the company. Therefore, when a company establishes a profile, it is assumed that it has nothing to hide and can be considered trustworthy.

On average, in Spain, for example, users spend one hour a day on social media. However, WhatsApp is also a social network used for direct communication. Sending messages. once you have your data turned on and you're connected, you're actually on WhatsApp - a social network. In theory, for similar networks, you can send an ad message at any time.

Interestingly, RRSS advertising does not cause discomfort to users, especially the youngest. Personalized ads are well received and meet user expectations.

Advertisers and marketers in the industry are looking for networks to sell more and win the brand. The emphasis of promotion is on content generated most, as it gains more interaction and traffic. Although businesses know many social platforms, they focus their ads on: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For a simple reason. They are appropriate to market coverage and provide an appropriate means of advertising / presentation.

Survey shows that one fifth of users make purchases of products or services on social networks. They are often branded goods. Another important effect of social networking on sales is when searching for information about a product or service before buying. Two-thirds of users are looking for information not only on the Internet, but also on social networks. The most common channels are Facebook and Instagram.

Studying the links between different ad channels, the study offers a very valuable fact: the percentage of users who visited brand social networks after seeing their products advertised on TV, print or magazine is high. Generally, it is one third of users in the world. So we can see that there are options for cross-advertising between online and offline advertising.

And in which sectors do businesses most invest in social media advertising? Certainly PCs and mobiles. Because they're live

users access the Internet. Others are:


Food & Drink

Beauty, hygiene and cosmetics


Audiovisual production companies


In short, social networks sell and can be a great opportunity for your brand, especially if you work in one of the sectors listed here. Never neglect the content of your social network!

to win leads

How to sell on Facebook? Market where it moves.

A place where everyone can place an ad or try to sell goods. However, it has several disadvantages that we will mention. We all know it. Sales, advertising, and various interest groups that are either closed and accessible to all users.

Facebook allowed the creation of ad groups and set up rules that linked to the rules for paid advertising. Basically, the Facebook function has ended. Subsequently, everyone sells and purchases for himself. If there is a disagreement between the advertiser and the buyer, they have to resolve the problem themselves or contact the police.

You can sell anything in ad groups if you don't violate the laws and policies of the ad groups, for example Market 9ja Facebook group. There are near-focused groups, car and car parts, mobile phones, services atc, or city focused groups, such as Abuja or Lagos.

There are now groups whose users have the same interests or place of residence, or just want to consult and share their sales experience. Perhaps a stupid analogy, but before, people gathered in a pub or market to discuss goods and services. Or your interests. Today, people meet on the Internet to discuss, ask and compare. An internet reality that brings benefits to businesses. I'm talking about online support. People will find you and ask people who are meant to do it. For some questions, this method of communication is more convenient than by phone or email.

Sell on Facebook. We seem to have more and more alternatives to using social networks as sales channels and one of the newest tools in social commerce is the 'Market'. Unlike facebook sites or even stores on this network, this list of products offers us some of the advantages we have not seen on the platform: search, longer life of our publications, etc.

Business Page - Facebook pages are the first place businesses try to create a brand across the network. But this is not the only tactic. What are the benefits of a business site? The site has three properties that you won't find at Marketplace.

You can create a brand experience. I think you can customize the look and feel of your site to reflect the personality and attitude of your business. For example, if you want to create a sales channel, you can turn your page into a store. If you want to use this page to drive traffic to your blog, you can also do so.

This page is yours. In this space you can see your products and publications. Unlike Marketplace, your profile may not share a screen with your competitors' products or publications. Increase your web traffic. You'll find more than one call-to-action on your profile that can be used to drive traffic to your website, such as "Sign up", "Buy on the web", etc.

Facebook Marketplace

Like Craigslist, a marketplace is a list of products and services that are sold between two operators in the near geographical area. In any case, this tool has the added feature that sellers are not anonymous users, but members of the platform. This business model, also known as P2P, a peer to peer channel, is based on the exchange of goods between individuals. Or by business and user.

Using Facebook Marketplace in your social sales strategy is a very good idea.

What are the benefits of selling on Facebook with Market?

The first term - Life Cycle - is the time when the ad is on the user's wall, this time is very limited, on the normal main page. However, due to the frequency of publishing on the Marketplace page, your listings (products) will remain displayed for an extended period of time. Geomarketing and Market allows you to find and purchase products based on the geographic proximity you share with a potential buyer. In both cases, you can expand your search range. Searchability is the biggest advantage you'll see in this tool. This concept opens the door to optimizing your ad, which can be found with certain keywords, extending the lifetime of your content in impressions. another term is In-App Interaction. In-app interaction lets you build a personal relationship with your customers. They ask and you answer

Note, therefore, in our free classifieds site Market 9ja, m9ja , we have two independent searches in the ad text and in the ad title . And we don't distort or modify this search. So if an advertiser enters a BMW BMW advert, and you enter a BMW BMW advert, we'll find you this ad.

Internet Real Estate Advertising - Real Estate

Advertising of the sale of houses and flats on the Internet is a special category. The advert is designed to help arrange a search of the property to potential buyers. Real estate prices vary according to the point of sale. Real estates in Prague, Brno or big cities are not affordable for most people.

In any case, real estate advertising has several features in common. If you are choosing a new home, first look at the photos. You must be of good quality and attract attention. Description of the property with the necessary details, address and price.

Because you don't buy a new house every day, advertising sites usually charge wafers to place an ad. There are only a few real estate websites that will allow you to place free real estate advertising .

Brokers' commission is a significant item when selling real estate. This is on average around 3 percent of the selling price. It is true that a good broker can sell a property faster and at a desired price because he can find the right buyer.

There is also an intermediary service that is not a broker, does not secure the business, but only cares about online advertising. this service is usually charged. And it is not recommended. They try to amaze the seller with the number of websites they place advertising on. However, if you pay for advertising, it's much better to put your property on two or three of the largest real estate sites. There everyone is looking for and comparing offers.

What to watch out for when buying and selling through free classifieds ?

As a seller through an ad, you are required to accurately and faithfully describe the goods. If you are aware of the defect of the goods, you should notify this fact. On the other hand, if you follow the description of the goods, you are not obliged to give the buyer a guarantee. However, you can provide a guarantee, and this situation is assumed when a certain type of goods is sold. Alternatively, offer testing before handover.

Describing exactly the goods in the ad is crucial for the seller. In the event that a defect that has not been described later appears on the goods, the buyer is entitled to return the goods and claim their money back. It is necessary for the buyer to claim the goods immediately and without delay. Only defects that are on the goods at the time of sale can be claimed. This fact must be documented and preferably not wait for the return of the goods. Later, it is far more difficult to prove the status of the goods at the time of purchase.

Another important fact is that the law does not distinguish between repairable and non-repairable defects in sales through advertisements / between individuals. A defect is any significant deviation from the description or photograph.

So it is clear that as a buyer you must ask for a precise description of the goods. Alternatively, request a personal handover to verify and test the goods in advance. Avoid transferring money in advance, in case of any confusion.

A completely different situation occurs when the seller is an entrepreneur. And whether it sells new or second-hand goods. The entrepreneur must accept the sold goods back within 14 days and also provide a guarantee. However, the warranty on second-hand goods is significantly reduced to one year.

The last danger to mention is the purchase of goods from the owners. Beware of stolen goods or goods where the mediator does not have treated contracts. It is not the owner and you do not have a contract for the sale of the goods with the rightful owner.

Classifieds History

Read a few lines on how advertising in Mexico was used. Similarly advertisement, has developed around the world. only goods and services were different according to society and business opportunities. Without further comments here paragraph from Mexico press - source ""

First where it was advertised - print. Before the war of independence broke out, you found ads in the press that sold slaves. In 1722, with the approval of Viceroy Baltazar de Zúñiga, the Mexican Gazette and the news of New Spain (Mexico) were published. A little later, another newspaper appeared. In 1784, for example, the Gazeta de México was published, edited by Creole Manuel Antonio Valdés y Murguía and provided information on religious, economic, scientific and cultural issues.

In the "Encargos" section, Gazeta de México included advertising for the sale of houses, cars, books, spirits, medicines, dogs and slaves. For example, slave advertisements. "Black Slave Girl Sold" - Africans who came to New Spain as slaves were employed in mines, ranches and sugar cane plantations. Women were required to work as washing machines, cooks and seamstresses, as read in the press releases of the time. Some advertisements indicate the price of a woman for sale, depending on her age and ability, as well as the name of the owner and the address. Advertisements indicated their place of origin and highlighted features such as "good manners" and "loyalty."

It is worth noting that some ads have published the name of people / slaves for sale. "A slave named José Luis Medina is sold". The name meant an absolutely accurate and specific description.

Another type of advertising was a service request. Finding and catching escaped slaves. There were cases of slaves escaping from their masters' house. Several stakeholders therefore went to the Gazeta de México offices and paid two Reais charged by the publisher for publishing the service reward.

Until 6 December 1810, when Miguel Hidalgo in Guadalajara decided to abolish slavery in Mexico in order to end this inhuman trade.

This principle was ratified by José María Morelos in 1813 and by Vicente Guerrero in 1829. By the mid-nineteenth century thousands of slaves had fled to Mexico from the United States to gain freedom and accept the fate of their new homeland.

In this example of paid newspaper advertising you can see that it was, and actually is, advertising everything. here it is online advertising or printed newspaper advertising is not essential. The advertiser describes the goods and praises in some cases. When buying through an ad it is up to the candidate to act carefully. An interesting question would be whether in the past there were ads with the description I donate for transportation. Certainly yes, but they did not come out in the press - because there was paid advertising, but it was enough to put up a poster or announce an offer directly to friends in the area. Except for the new online / internet options, nothing has actually changed.

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