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  • 28-10-2020
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How are internships and the labor market going in Nigeria?

Labor market
Nigeria's labor market is not great as unemployment rises in the country. In mid-2017, the unemployed population represented 13.6 million people compared to 15.9 million people at the end of 2017.

The unemployment rate therefore stood at 18.8% in Nigeria at the end of 2017 against 14.2% in 2016.

Since in 2017, the price of a barrel of oil is falling, there is therefore a decline in public investment. But the country's economy is expected to recover in the next few years.

In addition, 45% of Nigerien graduates are unemployed at the end of their studies. To address this high unemployment rate among Nigerien graduates, the country has implemented an “N-Power” program with the aim of hiring 200,000 Nigerien graduates.

Growth sectors in Nigeria:

Trade and distribution
The hydrocarbon industry
Information services and technologies
Salaries and regulations
The average salary in Nigeria has been higher than that in Africa since 2013, as the gross salary per month was $ 167 / month in Africa in 2013 compared to $ 225 / month in Nigeria that same year. In 2016, we noticed a drop in the Nigeria salary, which stands at $ 204 / month compared to $ 156 / month in Africa.

Moreover, Nigeria's average gross salary per month is very low compared to the average gross salary per month in the world ($ 858 / month for an average gross salary per month on global average).

The conditions and regulations of an employment contract in Nigeria are:

40 working hours / week
2 to 4 weeks of leave / year
Written contract maximum 3 months after hiring an employee
Minimum salary of NGN 18,000 / month or € 42.67 / month in 2011

Student job
If you are a student and want to make some extra money, don't hesitate to apply for a student job that will be tailored to your schedule and availability.

Do an internship in Nigeria
In order to boost your CV and your professional experiences, we advise you to do internships. These internships allow you to have an integration into the world of work.

In addition, the international company, Citi, is recruiting students for summer internships that last 4 weeks, or most of the month of July. To apply for this internship you must at least have finished your 2nd year of higher education and not be in the last year of your studies. Registrations for these courses end at the end of May.

Insurance for internships
Civil liability is compulsory insurance during internship. It is often required upon enrollment in most higher education institutions. It covers, in France and abroad, bodily, material and immaterial damage that you may cause to a third party during an internship or during daily activities (outings, babysitting, etc.). Liability insurance replaces the person responsible to compensate the victim. In the absence of insurance, you will have to take care of the compensation of the victim yourself.

Here are some examples for which your civil liability covers you:

You spill the coffee on the neighbor's PC;
You have the equipment loaned by the company stolen from you;
You inadvertently jostle your colleague who unfortunately breaks his arm;

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