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0 New Apple TV is just around the corner, Nigeria

  • by Administrator
  • 08-05-2020
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The new Apple TV is just around the corner, offering great performance and large basic storage, Nigeria

Although it's almost unbelievable, the latest generation of Apple TV made its premiere alongside the iPhone X in September 2017. So it's a relatively outdated product that would definitely deserve an update in the form of hardware improvements. And it seems that we will not wait long here.
According to a recent statement by leaker Jon Prosser, Apple already has a new generation of Apple TV ready for sale, so all you have to do is de facto introduce it. As for its technical specifications, it should still support "only" 4K resolution, the performance will be taken care of by the A12X chipset used in 4th generation iPads and will arrive in 64 GB and 128 GB storage variants. According to the chipset and storage, it can be predicted in advance that Apple will target it primarily with players using Apple Arcade, as the TV will offer them huge storage (depending on the size of individual games) along with a processor that will give them a first-class gaming experience without any jams. . However, a certain disappointment for some users will be its design, which will not change again.

As with the new iMacs and AirPods, Prosser unfortunately doesn't know exactly when the new Apple TV might arrive. However, when it is de facto ready for sale, it is very likely that the last days, at most weeks, separate us from its presentation. So if you've been grinding your teeth on the new Apple TV lately, we recommend waiting a while longer.


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