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  • 16-11-2020
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Are you looking for shop 9ja? Are you looking for information about what shop 9ja is, or do you know what shop 9ja is and want to play?
Be that as it may, shop 9ja on our website means an online shop. For all people in Nigeria. You can buy and sell anything. Everything people sell. Absolutely free of charge. At auction or for a fixed price. If you want to bet on football or other sports, log on to other websites.

How a virtual store works ?  Shop 9ja ?

The virtual shop is a means for customers to access products manufactured or distributed by companies regardless of size. This article explains how a virtual store works and what it should contain.

A virtual store is structured so that in the section of each business, each seller can upload their own items very quickly and easily at no cost. The idea is that anyone with basic computing can do it.

Customers must register to make purchases in the virtual store, this allows them to access their shopping cart data, shipping options, order tracking and others, in addition to being able to access the customer service area where, in If there is any problem or incident, they can contact support to solve it as soon as possible.
Being registered they can add default shipping addresses or preferred payment methods, which serves to make subsequent purchases faster and require less effort from the customer.

From the seller's side
On the other hand, the registration of manufacturers or sellers is associated with the payment of a small entrance fee for belonging to the service, these once inside their control panel can customize their virtual store space where the items for sale are located . In this same area is where you will find the option to add new products to the store. This option is free and each manufacturer or seller can add all the items they want since they would only have to pay a small percentage for sales that does not represent a tax or an impediment to carry out the activity.

When a seller decides to incorporate an item through their space in the store, in addition to adding one or more photos, what they must do is write a short description of the item to be sold as well as list all the attributes that are considered necessary for a better understanding of the customer. For example include the cut, leather style, finish, stitching and other details. You can also add each article to a specific category in order to narrow down the results that the customer needs in case of doing a search with the search engine.
Every store has a panel or dashboard from which the seller can monitor their key indicators.

When a registered user places an order internally, the sellers receive an order form in case there are products from different stores in an order. This as soon as possible proceeds to manufacture the items in case of not having them in stock or to send them directly. The store is in charge of managing payments and discerning in the case of more than one manufacturer that part of the total order goes to each one.
For the customer it is an advantage since, although their order includes several manufacturers or distributors, they only have to make one charge for the total and not one for each store that has intervened.

The system is in charge of discerning to whom each percentage of the purchase goes.

The logistics and production part would be in charge of each member after establishing certain rules in those fields. The virtual store would be in charge of managing the rest of the activities such as payments and web management.

The manufacturer in turn must specify the shipping conditions, which are terms, prices and transport agencies that are relevant to the customer (if he uses agencies for contractual reasons or makes use of traditional postal services).

No company can build its own structure that covers all of its logistics needs. Added to the economy of scale and the flexibility that a structure that specializes in a series of tasks must have, the end result is that the best way is outsourcing. The key is to choose companies that offer specialized logistics services.

Although the management of the store is very simple, a small manual should be provided and support offered to help manage the control panel to those who require it.

Payment methods
Regarding payment methods, the most common and convenient means are used in the online market, which, in turn, are the safest to avoid scams on any side of the transaction. These means must be specified by each seller in the control panel for the store to meet these needs.

From the client side
With regard to the customer, once he is registered, he can perform various searches in the store and access the descriptions of the articles that interest him. In these searches, various criteria and characteristics that the customer is looking for can be entered.

Once you have seen one or more products that interest you, you can add them to the shopping cart. As in any store of the style, here you will see a breakdown of the total number of products you want to purchase with their corresponding costs.

Once the customer is sure of the purchase, he must process the order, choose the payment alternatives available for the total of his purchase, choose one of them and proceed to the shipping options.

This is a section that the client can modify without having made an acquisition from the control panel, in which he establishes the default shipping address, if it has been previously inserted that will be used by default unless the customer wants in the purchase process that the products are sent to another alternative address that you can enter during the order processing.

Once these shipping methods have been chosen, the items are paid for and the estimated delivery dates are displayed. This is when the customer receives an order confirmation email and another when the orders have been processed and shipped.

From the control panel of their account, customers can make claims and manage the returns of the items based on the purchase conditions previously established by the manufacturers.

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