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0 Instagram is preparing improvement, Nigeria

  • by Administrator
  • 08-05-2020
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Instagram is preparing another interesting improvement to its application, Nigeria

Facebook is quite fond of experimenting and often ventures into new, uncharted territories, which would help it by leaps and bounds to compete and strengthen its market position. In just the last few months, the company has come up with a plethora of new features, some of which have been quite controversial. An exception is not Instagram, which officially falls under the baton of this media giant and is more and more connected with its older sibling. This time, the platform could see incognito mode, at least judging by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

If you are actively using Instagram, you have certainly not missed the fact that the platform has undergone a number of remarkable improvements over the last few months, which have brought both its pros and cons. This time, however, the incognito mode also came up, which fans and users have been calling for for a long time, and it is definitely a welcome step. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Won, who is relatively well known for her discoveries in the technological world, dug up the details of the upcoming tweak from the source code. Just this week, Jane managed to find out more detailed information about the possibility of hiding individual stories from specific people, and now she has come out with another catch. Incognito mode gives you complete security during chat, and like Google Chrome, Instagram has chosen a native black background and the ability to let messages disappear.

The technology giant decided not to deny and admitted that it is actively working on the function and trying to integrate it into the normal functioning of the platform. However, testing will take some time and development is still in its infancy, so we can expect to see incognito mode in the coming months. However, it is definitely a welcome step that will ensure complete anonymity and, above all, security, which in the case of Facebook, and therefore Instagram, has so far been relatively insufficient. We'll see how external testing works in the end, but we wouldn't bet too much on an early update.

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