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0 How to start selling on the Internet, Lagos

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  • 05-05-2020
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If you are thinking of setting up internet shop in Nigeria, Lagos, the basis of your success may be the first step - a suitable choice of the range of goods you want to offer. This choice can be what decides the success of your business plan. In some areas the offer is already somewhat crowded and the competition may be too great.

Internet business also has its rules, Lagos

If you have decided how to focus your e-shop, you can take the next step - not so business-interesting, but necessary administration. To run an e-shop, it is necessary to meet certain conditions.
It is necessary to obtain the appropriate trade license. For most goods, this is a free trade, where it is necessary to meet the so-called general conditions for running a trade in order to obtain authorization. If you haven't done business yet, go and register with the tax office, social security administration and health insurance company.
As an entrepreneur who communicates with his customers mainly electronically, you will have access to a number of their personal data - names, postal addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. You will certainly process this data in various ways, because it is not only necessary to process the order, but also to issue a tax document for the purchase made, or to send previous customers a message about the news in the offer. You will therefore become a controller of personal data, and therefore register with the Office for Personal Data Protection before starting your own activities. Although this registration may seem like a formality at first glance, you should take care to properly protect customers' personal information from misuse.

How to start trading on the Internet, Nigeria

Choose a name and place: If you are thinking about what and you know who you want to sell to, the question arises where. That is, on which domain you will set up an e-shop. Start with your own name, for example. The basic criterion for choosing a domain should be an apt, well-remembered and unique name (domain name = domain). 
With your own domain, you also get certain benefits, such as a professional image and credibility, better searchability in search engines or your own e-mail. Also think of the domain suffix. Nigerians are relatively conservative in this respect and prefer websites with .com extension.
Choose a technical solution
You should continue by choosing the technical solution on which the business will work. Nowadays, there are 3 options and choosing the ideal one may not always be easy.

1) Open Source
The freely distributable solution will provide you with free self-inspection of the e-shop. The advantage of open source is relatively easy installation and the speed with which you can start selling. But if you are unfamiliar with programming, coding and other necessary technical skills, even with this originally cheap solution, additional financial costs can jump to higher amounts (for example, for technical support, graphics, etc.).
Examples of Open Source solutions: Joomla, Drupal, Magento.

2) Lease / purchase of a commercial solution or find free solution
Rental of a ready-made solution may not cover all your needs and the possibilities of individual adjustments are smaller, but they are usually sufficient for the operation of an e-shop. Choosing the right supplier for a commercial solution can be more difficult because there are dozens of different companies of different qualities on the market. Most rental companies have their own technical support, graphics and programmers who can help you if needed.
Examples of ready-made solutions: - market9ja - free shop creation

3) Tailor-made solutions
A tailor-made e-shop is usually suitable mainly for large stores. The system can do exactly what you need, but at the same time it does not contain unnecessary functions. For a high purchase price, you can have an e-shop according to your own ideas, with all your dream functions, differentiation from the competition and professional support.
The choice of technical solution may have more parameters, but the most common criterion is the price and requirements for the basic functions of the e-shop.

Starting a business is just the beginning, Lagos

After solving the technical side of the e-shop, your store is ready for the first customers. But they will not come alone. In order for your e-shop to be visible, it is good to register it in product comparators. Registration at these places is suitable both for the visibility of the e-shop itself and for gaining new customers. There are potential customers with a high motivation to buy. 
After registering the e-shop on comparison servers, it is advisable to consider paid advertising - PPC (Pay-Per-Click), where the advertiser pays only for the actual action of the user, ie a visit to the website. Of course, free advertising is also possible on comparators, but it is usually less successful than paid advertising.

You can also help traffic with search engine optimization, better known as SEO or SEO optimization. With the right combination of relatively complicated activities, you can achieve a better placement of links to your website in search engines, which allows you to get more traffic and potential customers.
Another method to be seen is social networks. Social networks are not just a place for personal matters, but on the contrary they have become an interesting space for companies as well. Think carefully about the content you want to communicate here first. People go to social networks mostly for fun, so share content in a friendly and fun way - encourage discussions, involve fans in contests or make creative contributions.

With the right communication on these networks, you can get loyal fans who will continue to recommend your e-shop if they are satisfied. Don't forget to include a link on your website to social networks where customers can find you, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.

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