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1 How to sell online: a beginner's guide to making your first sale

  • by Administrator
  • 01-05-2020
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How to sell online? Before, during and after your first sale, I explain step by step the crucial steps to follow to make your project a success.
Here we are again gathered to discuss online sales (or not) and more specifically, how to make the first sale of a product or service.

Here's how the article will look:

Your first sale is just the start of a great adventure
1st step to sell online: Create a website
2nd step: a compatible site on mobile
3rd step: create a first landing page
Step 4: Advertising
5th step: social networks
6th step to sell online: contact existing audiences
The good old way
The importance of customer relationships to sell more!
The relationship between marketing and sales
Determine your target audience to make more sales
Your product or service must help, respond to a need and / or solve a problem
Show the soul of your business
Think like your customers
Respond to your customers
Create a blog on your site
For those who do not make online sales
Before we get into the big explanations, I’ll give you an example to try to get a clearer picture.

Scenario 1

Imagine Agathe. She lives in Canada and is a huge fan of doggies.

She just created heated dog shoes for the winter.

Well yes, because in Canada it curdles and it doesn't pretend.

After testing the shoes on her two darling dogs, she is confident about her product and thinks it will be a hit.

But will the shoes sell? Do people really need to put heated shoes on their dogs?

That's the 1 million question.

In order for your products and services to sell, they need to answer two very simple questions:

Do people need it?
Are you responding to a problem?
Your first sale is just the start of a great adventure

Making your first sale seems to be the end goal of starting your business, but on the contrary, it's just the beginning.

Your first sale does not only mean a return of money, it is also the best way to advertise your brand.

It's also an opportunity to find out how your target audience responds to your product. Now is the time to get feedback on your products and services.

The information obtained after your first sales and therefore the adjustments you will make can help you determine the success of your business.

It is therefore essential before embarking on a project to know the value of your products or services, that is to say the reason why people will buy from you.

When thinking about the value of your products and services, focus not only on your product and its features, but also on how they help people, that is, your products and services need to solve a problem with cardboard.

You also have to look at the competition and offer something extra or something different to stand out.

But that, we explain it to you in more detail in our ebook 10 crucial steps before starting your business "in free download which you can obtain by clicking on the button below. ?

This is an asset that explains step by step the essential methods before embarking on setting up a business and avoid mistakes!

A clear message = more chance of making sales

The value of your brand must be immediately understood by your audience.

At first glance, your target audience should clearly distinguish the advantages of your product or service over your competitors.

And this value, you will convey it in all your messages.

If you do not know what value to convey, I explain everything in the second part of this article.

1st step to sell online: Create a website

To sell online or not, you're going to need a website to showcase your products and services and where you can clearly explain what your business is about.

You should know that your site will be the first impression of your business for many potential customers.

It must therefore reflect at most your brand.

Imagine a restaurant front with holes in the wall and weeds growing in the cracks, it doesn't make you want to come in and sit there, right?

Well your website is the same, it's your virtual storefront and it must be nickel chrome.

If you don't have a website yet, I advise you to create a WordPress site and install the WooCommerce plugin.

2nd step: a compatible site on mobile
You absolutely must have a mobile-optimized site.

According to the annual assessment of the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad):
So if your site is not mobile compatible, you will lose a big slice of the pie.

Speaking of SEO, Jean-Rémi explains what he will change for SEO in 2018.

3rd step: create a first landing page

A landing page is translated into French as “landing page”. It is a page with objective essential to a marketing campaign.

You have several kinds of landing page, the landing page for sale, the landing page for enlarging your emailing list, etc.

Think about the thing your target audience is most interested in, the questions they ask and the answers you can give them, while offering them relevant call-to-action.

But that is explained to you in more depth in our article How to create a landing page that works.

Step 4: Advertising

After launching your site, you can start broadcasting advertising.

When it comes to choosing paid advertising, you're spoiled for choice.

Just look around, you will only see that, advertising, advertising and more advertising.

Paid advertising is by far the most effective way to generate targeted traffic quickly.

Google AdWords Ads
The must-have of paid advertising is none other than Google AdWords.

As the name suggests, Google AdWords is owned by Google and Google has 3.3 billion queries made every day (100 billion per month). Stat source: Business Insider.

When someone wants to learn about something, it's directly Google Reflex.

For beginners, Google AdWords can impress.

But do not worry, I explain the basics in our article "Create a blog to make sales and get emails".

Facebook advertising

Facebook has more than 33 million monthly active users and is one of the largest social networks in the world.

Facebook advertising helps target user interests.

For example if Jean-Michel liked all the pages related to ASM-Rugby and you sell ASM-Rugby goodies, Jean-Mi will be a good target for your advertising campaign.

With Facebook advertising, you can reach a large audience based on their age, gender, job, geographic location, and interests.

Instagram advertising
I recommend Instagram advertising for entrepreneurs working in fashion, fitness, food or cooking who want to sell to millennials (people born from 1980 to 2000).

Instagram is a social network based on visuals. So you need to have photos of professional and enticing products.

5th step: social networks

I told you about paid advertising on social networks, but they also allow you to advertise for free

One free way to generate leads and make sales is to stay in constant touch with your personal and professional networks on social media.

Look on which social networks your audience is most active and stay focused on these social networks.

Yes, because it is extremely important to choose the right social networks for your business and not to waste precious time!

Also check which social media platforms companies similar to yours are active on and where they are not.

Learn from their success, but also note where they are absent and take this opportunity to make room for yourself.

6th step to sell online: contact existing audiences

Comparison sites
You can sign up to have your products appear on comparison sites like Google Shopping and NexTag, which are places where your target audience might find offers on your products.

If you want your products or services to appear on popular websites or magazines in your industry, you can send free samples or free trial offers to bloggers so they can write reviews.

Good news for you, bloggers are always looking for new content and new stories to tell.

Like everyone, they love being given enough to write without forcing too much.

So help them, by offering them a subject: your products and services.

Important: in order for a person to write a post about what you offer, your products or services must be something innovative and out of the ordinary.

For example, a super sausage guillotine that hit the headlines in 2016.

You can also contact influencers: content creators with large audiences.

Influencers are a good way to access existing databases of followers to drive traffic to your online store.

There are platforms that facilitate contact between brands and influencers. Here are a few :

LinkJuice (the easiest to use and the best design)

Presence on online forums and Facebook groups
Another tactic is to participate in online forums related to your industry and to participate in topics relevant to your target audience.

Don't forget to also include links to your e-commerce site in your posts if the rules allow it.

The good old way
The good old way is to communicate the old-fashioned way, that is, to pick up prospects yourself.

For example if you sell unusual accessories for dogs, you can go directly to the owners of dogs who walk their doggies in the park next to you.

You can also travel and attend trade shows where other people from your sector will be present.

The importance of customer relationships to sell more!
We saw in the first part of this article several ways to sell more, but the biggest point remains and will remain the customer relationship.

When you start making sales, it means you have buyers and therefore customers.

And a satisfied customer is better than 10 trade shows.

In the rest of this blog post, I'm going to teach you the importance of a sales strategy for your business and how to put one in place.

But first, let's take an example to picture it all.

Scenario 2

Imagine Maxime who has just started creating patterned mittens (don't laugh, is it very fashionable?).

While things are going pretty well for him, another brand of mittens arrives to compete with him.

Maxime begins to hire salespeople and starts an advertising campaign.

The sellers promote the products by telling the public that the mittens are of very good quality and that you will not find cheaper elsewhere.

Maxime’s competitor tells people that local artisans knit the company's mittens by hand.

In addition, he regularly creates Facebook lives where he answers users' questions live and he regularly sends newsletters containing the latest fashion trends.

Why is the competitor ahead of Maxime?

Simply because Maxime should have a plan on how he would like to promote his mittens.

And he probably should have hired salespeople who know how to present products better, that is to say know the history of the product and talk about it enthusiastically.

The relationship between marketing and sales
Before, a marketing group was made up of two separate entities with different responsibilities.

Marketing managed branding and advertising. He made sure people knew about the company's products or services and gave basic information about their benefits. It attracted prospects, or if you prefer: potential customers.

The sales presented the commercial products or services to these prospects and presented them more precisely the product to make them want to buy right now.

Nowadays, marketing and sales go together and are inseparable.

This means that marketers need to know how to foster customer relationships, as sellers and sellers need to understand the publicity that the marketers have created.

This is why a sales strategy is so important.

It’s a bit like a guide to how you will sell and market your products and services.

Without it, you will go from all sides and your employees (and yourself) will not have a clear vision of the message to convey to attract the right audience.

Determine your target audience to make more sales
It is difficult to find a sales strategy if you do not know your target audience well. That means it's time for you to determine your target audience.

Beyond their age, gender, income and where they live, you have to get to know their interests and hobbies.

You are going to have to conduct your little Detective Conan investigation!

Are they more present on social networks in particular? Online forums?
Do they frequent blogs and websites that you should advertise on?
What are they looking for online? What magazines and newspapers do they read?
Do they follow influencers?
Once you know your target audience, it's time to understand the experience they have when searching for products and services like yours.

We explain in more detail how to determine its target audience in our ebook "Create your business, the first steps before getting started"

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