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0 How to sell a used phone for as much money as possible in Lagos

  • by Administrator
  • 08-05-2020
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Have you decided to buy a new phone and don't know what to do with the old one? Whether it is functional or not, do not put it in the drawer. Why? Probably the most important reason is that you can quickly get cash for it, which is suitable, for example, for buying a new phone. And if you think you can ever use it again, take a look at other phones set aside forever and count how many times you've used them.

There are several ways you can get rid of old cell phones. If you don't want money for them, you can donate them to various foundations for charitable purposes. If the financial assistance suits you, you can sell it through bazaars, redemption phones or a friend.

How do you increase the value of a mobile phone when selling?

If you are selling a phone as working, it should be 100-percent. Not only will you increase its value, but you will also avoid later complaints and claims. If your phone is down and you don't want to invest more in repairing it, you can sell it for parts.

In addition to functionality, its visual condition is also important, which can largely decide on the final selling price. Therefore, if you want to get more for your phone, carefully clean it inside and out.

1) Radiant display and scratch-free body
First, everyone notices the battered corners, scratches on the screen and the back cover of the smartphone. Therefore, if you want to ask for more for it, it should have a bright display and an scratched body.

How to do it? First and foremost, remove the grease using a soft microfiber cloth and a very small amount of a special cleaner designed to clean touch screens. Remember that the mobile phone must not come into contact with liquid. This applies not only to water and steam, but also to cleaning agents. Therefore, always apply the cleaning solution to the cloth and not directly to the display.

If fine scratches appear after cleaning the outside, consider the last investment in the old phone and replace its cover. This investment is not high, but it can significantly increase the value of the phone sold. To avoid this investment when selling another phone, use the protective cover on your new phone from day one.

2) The ports must also be clean
Ports on phones are usually clogged with dust and dirt from hands and face. To clean them, use a wooden toothpick to carefully remove the dust in the ports. Then take a cosmetic toothpick in your ears and clean it around the ports from which you pulled the accumulated dust. In the same way, you can clean all the joints in the external structure of the phone.

3) Battery environment and slot for SIM and micro SD card
Those interested in your used mobile phone will most likely see the phone from the inside, if it is possible to disassemble it, which of course is not the case with iPhones. Therefore, it will help if they see the mobile phone as clean as the outside after removing the back cover.

Remove the battery and clean the area around the battery with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Use a wooden toothpick or a soft clean brush to remove dust trapped in the corners of the flashlight compartment. However, pay attention to the fragile interior of the mobile phone and do not clean any other places under the back cover with a toothpick.

If the SIM and Micro SD card are inserted into the back of the phone under the back cover, gently wipe the slots with a dry cloth. However, be sure not to use a toothpick or other hard object to clean them. This warning applies twice to the slots that are located on the side of the phone. Never clean the side slots for the SIM card with any sharp object that could damage their delicate mechanics.

4) Don't forget the memory and settings either
Delete all personal photos, videos or contacts from the phone's memory. Also do not forget the installed applications and, if possible, return the phone to its original settings. There are several ways to return a used phone to a state as if it had just left the production line.

Android owners can back up contacts and media files via Google Drive or a Micro SD card, which is easily transferred to the new device. After the backup, it is a good idea to reset the phone via Settings, Accounts and select Backup and Reset in the Backup Options.

IPhone owners have data backup handled automatically via iCloud, which binds to the user, not the mobile phone. However, when resetting the settings, be very careful not to accidentally delete data from iCloud. First, log out of your iCloud account on your phone. Then go to Settings -> General -> Reset and select Delete data and settings. If you were still logged in to your iCloud account, you would not only delete data on iPhone, but also on iCloud.

If you're preparing your phone for sale, think for a moment - which phone would you be willing to pay more for if you were a buyer? And that's exactly where you should get your phone.

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