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0 How to buy or sell an older phone in Lagos?

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  • 08-05-2020
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You don't always have to buy a brand new phone. You can sell it at a bazaar or online marketplace, give it to a friend's birthday or have it auctioned in an online auction. You can sell anything for the right price. In Lagos, Abuja or Kano. In all Nigeria.

You can sell anything for the right price in online Auction, Lagos

Bazaars in Lagos - with the necessary dose of luck

If you do not necessarily require a guarantee and a used telephone will suffice, you can buy it in the bazaars very conveniently. Bazaars are usually stone shops, where the seller brings his old phone, the bazaar buys it from him and offers it to potential customers at a higher price. Cheap devices, such as telephones, do not use sales on commission, which means that the original owner receives the money immediately, not when the bazaar sells the telephone to someone else.
When shopping, the advantage of bazaars is the possibility of a large selection of very cheap phones in one place. In any case, request the opportunity to test the phone to find out what condition it is in. Unfortunately, you will never find out everything from the evaluation of external features and from several test calls, and because you do not receive a guarantee, this method of sale may work out.

A mobile phone from a bazaar can also be stolen or obtained in another less legal way (the seller may find it). You can usually recognize such a device by the fact that it does not have documentation, a travel charger, let alone any other accessories. We recommend that you do not buy such phones - there is little hope that mobile phones will stop stealing when there is a lack of demand, but by using such a phone you actually support the theft.

At most briefly:

+ very low prices
- no guarantee
- poorer condition of phones due to wear

Phone for advertisement - from hand to hand

An older phone can also be bought from a friend or an advertisement. Today, advertising servers on the Internet are very popular. When someone sells a phone and does not find sales in their area, they place an ad on them. The buyer can choose the phone according to the desired brand, according to the price, according to the seller's residence.
The last selection criterion is not so incomprehensible. Although a seller from the other end of the republic may look very solid, this does not mean that you will receive what you wanted in a cash on delivery package; you may encounter a lot of unpleasant surprises. Therefore, personal contact is better when buying a second-hand mobile phone. You can better estimate the condition of the phone and accessories, and you can tell from the seller's behavior if he really listed all the flies on the device. It must allow you to test your SIM card, call, send a text message ...

Auctions, also on the Internet, are a slightly different way of selling. The seller sets a low price and those interested bid for it for a specified period of time. The winner is the one who offers the most.

But it is better to buy a mobile phone from a friend. He will usually lend you a phone for a few days, so you are much more sure that what you are buying is really fine. A friend usually won't cheat on you either.

The biggest sites where you can buy a mobile phone for advertising are Xmobil, Jarmark, PC Bazar. For auction sales, be sure to visit the Auction server.

At most briefly:

+ very low prices
- no guarantee
- poorer condition of phones due to wear
- possible limited functionality of the phone
- when buying through an advertisement, the inability to test the phone before purchasing

And what about the old phone

But what if you have the exact opposite problem if you want to sell your old mobile phone as cheaply as possible?
You can try the two channels described above - a bazaar or an advertisement. Of course, it's generally more convenient to post an ad on the web or in an advertising magazine, because you don't even have to get up from your chair. But here it can happen that only someone who lives hundreds of kilometers from you will show interest in a mobile phone. If you do not agree on a personal delivery, the only possible way to get the phone to the person in question is cash on delivery. However, it is clear that a potential buyer does not have to agree to cash on delivery, just as you would hesitate in his place for the reasons I have described above. In addition, there is a lot of competition on web advertising servers, and if you want to sell your phone, you have to set a really good price.

Sale through a classic bazaar is less suitable, because another person enters between you and the buyer, who is of course interested in making a profit on the intermediate sale. The price at which you sell the phone will be reduced by it. However, the bazaar has an advantage in speed: you don't have to wait for someone to respond to your ad (sometimes you won't even see it) and you will receive the money right away.

Probably the best way to sell your phone is to a friend. Here you have the great advantage that you can show off or rent a phone to try and you can better agree on the sale price.

When an older cell phone fails to be sold, the last and often used way to get rid of it is to move it to another member of the household. The wife and children will definitely use the mobile phone.


Are you buying a second-hand mobile phone? We will advise you on how to avoid problems

The main motive for second-hand shopping is clear: savings. Compared to new pieces, you can easily save half the price, and if you are lucky, you may not even know on the phone that it is not new. As with the purchase of a used car, caution is needed here, as a bargain purchase can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare.
Grand Bazaar: safer but more expensive
Basically, you have two options for where to buy a "used" phone. Technically, it is a person or company who makes a living from telephone stores or an individual who, on the contrary, does not make a living from sales. This division is very important to the parties to the warranty, but about that later. Translated into Human, you can choose an individual advertising somewhere on the Internet or a company (bazaar, pawn shop).

At a pawn shop or bazaar, the shopper has a little more security: it is usually a larger selection, a guarantee of some quality, and most importantly, you are more likely to get justice in the event of a problem with your phone. Here, too, it is necessary to distinguish large companies such as Mobile Emergency or Aukro (although the service is only an intermediary, offers protection to both the seller and the buyer), or e-shops that can sell unpacked and subsequently returned goods, and on the other hand is small local "frc". Technically, from the customer's point of view, these are equal business partners with the same obligations, but in practice you can find huge differences.

The logical disadvantage is the higher price of second-hand products, because the company must primarily earn on sales, but you as a customer can be more calm.

From an individual at risk
An advertisement from an unknown individual on Facebook will probably be more attractive to many, just the price, but it is also much riskier. It is ideal to prepare:

Insist on a personal meeting where you can see your phone. If the contract is not signed and the money is not handed over, you can still back down.
Want an IMEI number in advance (IMEI numbers are two for dual SIM phones). You can check in advance with the Police of the Czech Republic that the phone is not in the database of stolen devices.
Ask for a copy of the receipt, or the date, time and place of purchase. You can then find out from the seller whether the goods were not purchased at the ID number (only one-year warranty), whether they are not in installments (even with some arrears), etc.
You can also send a pre-filled purchase contract, which the seller will complete with his data and possibly known phone defects. Download the sample contract here, for example.
What to try on the phone
First of all, try the functionality of the phone itself and try to find the hidden defects that the seller told you. Their scope and description of what is in the contract must correspond. Don't underestimate the visual inspection and take your time.

Find out the IMEI of the phone (either in Settings or on the dialer, enter * # 06 # and send as if you were calling) and check that it is the same number as the seller sent you in advance.
Find out what's in the package, whether it's just the phone itself or even a box with accessories. Everything should be stated in the contract and the reality should correspond to that.
Put a SIM in your phone and try to call: you will verify the functionality of the mobile part of the device and its possible blocking, but you will also try the microphone and the loudspeaker.
In the AnTuT benchmark, test the display: the application can light up the display in several colors, so you can find a dead pixel, for example, but you can also try the touch layer.
You will also use the AnTuTu benchmark in your phone for a performance test, it is not so much the final result, but rather the fact that you will get the phone in the short term for a load that it should be able to withstand without any problems.
Also try a loud speaker that may be clogged.
Also check the camera, try a macro photo and then focus at a distance. The same for videos. This will reveal, for example, the shift of the lens after a fall (half of the image is not sharp), or scratches on the lens, which can affect the photos.
And last but not least, try charging the phone to see if the connector works and the battery doesn't last.
The condition of the battery, which is almost untestable in field conditions, is very poorly verified, so rather expect its replacement. The price of a new battery varies from model to model, it is 300 to 800 CZK and add to that the possible work of a technician and also the fact that you will most likely lose water resistance.

Warranty - watch out for thin ice
And now I'm getting away from an area full of legal terms, where it's not entirely easy to find your way. At the same time, keep in mind that feeling right does not mean that the other party will lower your heels and comply with you. Only a court can decide, but in practice the question is whether you want to pay for a forensic expert, court costs and stress for a few months. Either count on it in advance and buy more safely in a reputable bazaar, or think if it is not better to retreat, write off a few thousand crowns and move on.

In the case of the sale of goods, you can claim a warranty and be careful, it is also used goods (beware of exceptions, which are in the law, but this does not apply to phones) Techniques, however, is not the same warranty as when buying new goods. And here you need to divide your duties and rights according to who you buy the goods from.

If it's a company (person) that makes a living selling second-hand phones, you have a slightly better chance of seeking justice. You return the goods, the company returns the money to you, the same mechanism applies here as for the purchase of new goods, ie with the proviso that the seller may reduce the amount returned by wear or damage to the goods. If you buy from an individual who is not living by selling phones, you do not have this option.

Wherever you shop, the seller must inform you of the defects in the phone. These defects should be recorded in the contract or handover protocol, which is signed by both parties. So if you buy a phone that you know has a cracked back cover, you can't complain about it. Likewise, you cannot claim defects caused by normal wear and tear. This formulation is on thin ice on its own, and if your new phone peels off after five months, the question is whether or not it's normal wear and tear. And again, only a court and a forensic expert will give you the answer. For used goods, normal wear and tear is a bit easier, for a year-old phone, probably few will complain about abrasion in the corner.

You can only claim the warranty for hidden defects that you did not know about (the seller may have concealed them), and you must also want to repair them immediately. In the case of used goods, the company can (but does not have to) reduce the warranty by half, here 12 months, but this is the minimum. For a period of one year, you can complain about hidden defects that you did not know about. However, large companies can approach the warranty for used goods even more favorably, large e-shops can provide a full 24-month warranty in terms of only unpacked goods, other times they will let you buy the warranty for another year, etc. Here you need to study the terms of the warranty properly, let you know what you can actually apply.

A paradoxical situation arises for an individual who does not make a living from sales. If you sign a purchase contract where nothing is said about the warranty, it gives you a 24 month warranty for hidden defects that you did not know about and that do not correspond to normal use. But one thing is this theory and another is practice. When you buy a year-old phone, you technically have a two-year warranty on the above, but proving that this is not normal wear and tear and claiming a warranty is very difficult and few people do anything like this. The difference from buying from a company is that the seller can completely waive the warranty, either directly in the contract they sign or in an oral contract. In the final, a dialogue is enough: "The phone is two years old, so it's without guarantee". Buyers: "Sure, I get it." It clearly follows that the buyer must agree to the purchase without warranty. In practice, however, it is better to approach the game that a second-hand phone from a guy in a station wagon is simply without a guarantee, but it is cheaper than from a large bazaar.

The warranty is not transferred
You should always claim the warranty from the person you are buying from. So watch out for the middleman who may be Aukro; the company then has nothing to do with the guarantee at all. But when you buy a phone from someone with a warranty card, it does not mean that you have the same warranty on the phone as the first owner had.

The warranty is always valid between the seller and the buyer. But here we get to the gray zone, where things work despite the rules. If the name is not stated on the receipt, you can go through your complaint and nothing will happen at all. However, if the goods were paid for by card or by bank transfer, you have a problem. The seller will want to return the money to the original owner. A power of attorney from the original owner can then help. You may have the same problem if the name of the original owner is on the document, then they do not have to take the goods into your complaint at all, or they will not hand them over to you.

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