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0 Does Apple have one last chance? Nigeria

  • by Administrator
  • 08-05-2020
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Does Apple have one last chance? MacBook users want more for their money,Nigeria

When Apple introduced the "new" MacBook Pro 13 a few days ago, few had a word in their language other than disappointment. The more optimistic of us expected a 14 ″ display to fit in the same body. The less optimistic then bet on at least something new, something that will simply please. In the end, however, virtually no one saw anything, and users would have to wait another year or so for Apple to bring something in the thirteen-inch diagonal that was really worth it. Nigeria, Lagos online marketplace

Personally, I'm even stricter with MacBooks. I had my first MacBook Pro, I also had my first MacBook Pro in a unibody design, and looking back on it, it hasn't changed that much in fifteen years. Yes, it is no longer possible to remove the flashlight, I can no longer replace it myself and I will no longer replace the operating memory. The body is a bit smaller and lighter, the performance is higher, but perhaps it seems to me, with the exception of Touch ID and Touch Varu, as a long, fifteen-year-long evolution. I understand that for a person who will now come to his first MacBook, everything may seem incredibly perfect and revolutionary, but I've been looking at the same thing for a hell of a long time.
Yes, you can tell me it's just a laptop and what I would expect, but I know exactly what I would expect. I would expect Apple! For me, in addition to the perfect interplay of software and hardware, which is no longer what it used to be, it also means a lot of small, sensational tweaks. Why on earth don't we have a Face ID in Macs yet? Why don't we have a better camera when we love FaceTime calls? Why can't I paint an Apple Pencil on the Touchpad to at least write a signature on a document? Why don't we have 4K displays and OLEDs?

Unthinkable at Apple, standard elsewhere
Sounds like fairy tales to your dreams? So take a look at computers for the same price that Apple sells its MacBooks this year, and you'll see that most of it - except for Face ID and OLED displays - is a matter of course, and as a bonus you get basically 512GB or 1TB of flash memory. 16GB RAM is then the absolute basis and not an optional item for an additional fee. Plus, honestly, I haven't seen Windows in 15 years, but I think if I don't use it like crazy, then it will work quite reliably with the new machine and work just like macOS.

I'm sorry to have to write these words, but honestly, I don't know what Apple should do with something innovative, something that will take my breath away and convince me to put my money into it. This is how I have a 12 ″ MacBook at home and, frankly, I see no reason to replace it. I hope that Apple will soon come out with something that will put a smile on our lips again and we will have a reason to go shopping and buy it, perhaps just because of a few tweaks that have always made me the magic of Apple for me personally!


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