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In the editorial test we tried different methods of selling used phone. While stone bazaars are a safe bet, on the Internet mobiles can be sold for better money. But it wants happiness and patience.

We tried to sell three pieces of commonly used iPhone 5. We were often surprised by the results, both positively and negatively.

Our initial estimate was that the iPhone 5 in a 16GB variant with visible signs of use, but in an undamaged condition, could sell for about five thousand crowns.

bazar mobil

Probably the safest option is Mobile Emergency. Used phones will be fairly fair, unless you are of course trying to sell a phone that looks like it has passed several crash tests. Our iPhone 5 with a normal amount of abrasions, undamaged display and charger awarded us for 300 USD.

In this case, the process is very simple, with virtually no worries about price bargaining (you can bargain), waiting and furnishing. Just walk to the nearest branch and it's done. Interestingly, such a phone then sells Mobile Emergency at a price of 6 200 crowns. This alone suggests that you could probably sell the phone yourself at a better price.

bazar samsung

One unpleasant surprise, however, was one of the "common" bazaars in Lagos, Nigeria. We were rejected by the iPhone practically in the doorway, saying that behind the cascade he claimed that "90% of iPhone's are glued from China" and that he would not waste any time with them. He refused to look at the model we brought to the store. That is to a professional approach.

bazar iphone

The imaginary trade-off between convenience and “on your own” sales is online market - bazaar. This internet bazaar will collect the goods from you (free of charge), take pictures, describe them and display them at market portal, but they charge a considerable share of the resulting price.

All you have to do is register on this portal and the whole process will start almost immediately. The courier will arrive for your goods and within a few days you will receive the full profile of the item sold, from the photographs to the estimated price. Then just confirm (or adjust to your liking) and the sale can begin. You can also choose not to deal with the sale at all, in which case handing over the goods to your courier ends.

We must admit that although the whole service seems suspiciously easy, it also has its downsides. At first, we let the advertisement as market bazaar made it, including the price of USD 3000. We were not surprised when the first attempt failed and nobody wanted the mobile for this price. We then withdrew the price tag to USD 2000 and repeated the whole process, again unsuccessfully. It was only successful to set up the auction “from the crown”. The iPhone auctioned off for 4,081 crowns.

But be careful. The auctioneer will take the full 20% of this sum as a mediation fee. It varies according to the amount for which you sell the item - up to 10 thousand it is just 20%, over 10 thousand market bazaar requires only 10% of the resulting amount. In fact, we only received usd 3,252 for the phone, which was the least we got for the iPhone. As a result, we recommend market bazaar especially to those who do not want to deal too much with the sale at the cost of getting less money than elsewhere.

Total sales from the initial waiting for removal took about a month and it is also necessary to add the time that market bazaar will give a possible complaint, ie a full 21 days. Only then will they pay you the amount.

In addition to market bazaarbot, you can, of course, auction your phone on the market bazaar auction portal. Here, however, we encountered quite a lot of interest even when we just set a fixed price. The actual auction from the crown and did not even have to, because the iPhone for 4,500 crowns have signed up several candidates. However, for the first estimate, usd 4,900, no one wanted the phone.

We have chosen the method of personal handover and we have to say that everything went without any problems. All you have to do is considerate access, meet in the public space, offer the buyer to test all the essential functions of the phone (signal reception, test call, camera) and the sale is complete. We got usd 4,500 per hand, which was the highest amount that one of our iPhone 5 sold.

If the sale fails, of course, the phone goes auction. In such a case, we are counting that we would get a similar amount for the phone as it was auctioned on market bazaar, ie about four thousand crowns.

Sales at market took less than 3 weeks, including repeating sales and arranging a personal handover.

On the contrary, the biggest disappointment of the whole test was the bazaar portal market bazaar. We first displayed the iPhone for the price of 4 900 crowns, for which no candidate applied. We therefore withdrew the price to usd 3,900. There were two bidders, but none of them communicated further. This was followed by another price reduction to usd 3,600. Again, the same scenario: several candidates, but none of them responds any further.

In many cases, the answers to the ad were suspiciously brief, sometimes even the whole answer was "I am interested". We do not know whether they were spambots that respond to ads across the entire portal, or are random attempts without any meaning.

Server market bazaar

We used the same set of photos and captions both on the market bazaar portal and here, so it was not an individual factor. We have unsuccessfully withdrew the advertisement after less than two months waiting for a serious candidate. In any case, it was possible that it was only our bad luck, and serious candidates were simply not found in the given period.

In terms of convenience in sales, the winner of our test must be labeled the sale in the stone bazaar Mobile Emergency. Practically there is nothing easier than taking the phone and charger and taking it to one of the branches. market bazaarbot is more suitable for those who don't even want to go anywhere with the phone, but waiting for (not quite certain) sale and then paying out money can be quite lengthy.

In the case of local bazaars we would like to mention that of course it is not possible to evaluate them as a whole, each has its own specifics. Somewhere (as in our case) you can find quite unprofessional behavior, but elsewhere they can offer you a fair price. However, this is a compromise on comfort - as many as possible.

In terms of efficiency, however, market clearly won, where it paid off to set the price as a fixed price and not soon to get the phone from the crown. The price of 4 500 crowns for the used iPhone 5 is very decent and closest to our expectations.

If you want to sell and exhibit goods without risk and fees use any of the online bazaar for free, with solid traffic. Recently, the popular sale via social media - Facebook marketplace.

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