What is m9ja Nigeria ? Selling and buying ?

We are the team of people implementing our ideas. We hope that you will appreciate our effort. And if not, we will gain the experience that will take us further.

We are not a company. We do not have revenues from the activities. Our goal is to become stable and free auction website for the people. We focus the web is mobile friendly.

m9ja.com, Nigeria


At the beginning, we created the concept of pages and formulated the basic idea. Free and direct communication between the advertiser and the bidder. We introduced the old good market rules and the direct communication "face to face" without intermediaries.

Over the next few months, we worked on creating the site itself. We were wondering what features and options would users request. We had to evaluate not only the service itself, but also costs, possible website traffic and other influences.

The test phase passed fast and after the end of the test, the portal began offering its services.

How long will this service work, it is up to you ......users.

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